Track & discover
your favorite
cannabis products
and brands.

Trackwell is an app that keeps track of your experiences with legal cannabis products,
learns your tastes and preferences, and recommends effective products to you.

We're currently in our private beta and testing our app in Maryland. Leave us with your mobile number, and we'll text you a beta invite in the order that you signed up.

Unlock the
Potential of Cannabis

Trackwell turns your phone into a digital budtender. It helps you discover your favorite products by learning your tastes and preferences.

Scan your cannabis products to instantly get ratings, read reviews, and track and share your experiences.

Moving Beyond Strain Names

Strain names and indica-sativa classifications are unreliable in predicting outcomes, yet they are the cannabis industry’s primary identifier for products.

Trackwell delivers more reliable outcomes by collecting and measuring over 50 different data points per product.

All Batches Are Not Created Equal

Just like a wine vintage, each batch of cannabis products is a bit different -- sometimes more so than others. We track user experiences and reviews down to the batch level, so you can be extra confident in what you're searching and interacting with.

Medicine Should be Personalized

Even with reliable strain profiles, studies show that the same cannabis products actually affect each of us differently, because of our own unique genetics and biochemistry.

Trackwell learns your tastes and preferences and uses this profile to recommend the best products for you.

Connect With Other Cannabis Enthusiasts and Brands

Unlike some other social platforms that ban your discussion of cannabis, Trackwell invites it. We are the social network for cannabis consumers.

Rate and review a product or share a photo, and it goes to your Trackwell feed, where your friends, followers, and favorite brands can like and leave comments.

Powerful Search
& Recommendation Engine

We're building the industry's most advanced catalog of cannabis products, tracking over 50 data points per product. This allows you to:

  • Target specific effects and outcomes

  • Find products dominate in a specific cannabinoid or terpene

  • Ensure products are safe, and have passed their lab test


What users and brands are saying about Trackwell


Recommending Physician

I tell all my patients to journal their experiences with the products they buy in a paperback journal. This app is a game-changer and will make it much easier for us to discuss their experiences with different products.


Consumer / Health Hacker

I can’t imagine going back to my journal after using Trackwell. Why hasn’t this existed before now? I'm so excited about this app! 🙌


Professional Cannabis Photographer

I've had my Instagram account blocked three times, just for sharing photos of something that I love. I can't wait to begin sharing my product photos with my followers and helping promote my clients.


Vertically-integrated Brand Owner

This is the app the industry has been waiting for. We can finally do direct product marketing! We plan to go all-in on this platform.


Cannabis Brand Marketer

Thank you for letting me be an early tester of the app! I'm obsessed and can't wait to sesh with my friends!

Are you a licensed producer or brand?

Learn how Trackwell can help you more effectively market your products, tell your brand story, and connect with your users.